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44 Inches
56 Inches
18 Pounds
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5500.00 USD
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Gallery Wrapped edges, 1 1/2" in depth, black, can be hung as is or framed. s much as it pains me to have to inform you of this, there will be no changes made to the shipping calculator in order to extend the limit of five different price ranges. That particular tool we offer is not a core piece of what we do in terms of processing payments, and in the case where it doesn't fit the needs of a particular business the only recommendation that I can make is that you search out a third party shopping cart who offers more robust shipping options that can integrate with PayPal. If you log into your PayPal account and click on the Merchant Services tab across the top of the Overview page you'll see a small blue link that says 'Partners,' which you can click on. That will bring up a list of alternative shopping carts you can look into and research to see if they offer what you need in terms of shipping options. ***For all artwork 14lbs and over there is an automatic $35.00 shipping charge calculated at check out. There is a system limitation at this time to cover all weights and this price will not cover the cost for larger works. We will contact you after your purchase with accurate shipping+insurance charge for your approval prior to shipment. Thank you
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