"Think Abundance"
I believe that most of us can enjoy and find value in a meaningful 'reminder' that helps give us strength, to remember, to think and to grow.

With that in mind, I am enjoying creating what I am calling "Inspirational Reminders".  These images are available as archival prints on paper, greeting cards and the original paintings when still available. 

* What I am thinking while creating these images may certainly differ from the meaning that you will get and feel from these works. Below I will share what I was thinking or why I chose to use a certain 'hidden image' in  this piece. Enjoy!

The written messages in "Think Abundance":
"Attitude of Gratitude" 
I believe as do many others, that cultivating an attitude of gratitude can really help in ones life and can directly relate to abundance on many levels.

In addition to the written MESSAGES, I have collaged symbolic and/ or meaningful images behind the scenes.  
I have circled and numbered the 'hidden' images in "Think Abundance" here to give you a 'cheat sheet' in locating them all! ;0)

1) toasting glasses being clinked together - symbolize the abundance of friends and good things to celebrate
2) image of a girl with wide open chest and arms spread and raised -  a welcoming gesture bringing forth - as well as allowing in - all things good
3)  image of a woman leaping through the air trailing flowing, colorful fabrics -  symbolizes abundance of joyful energy and health
4) a man with wide open arms welcoming and attracting money and financial abundance symbolized by the  money raining down on him from above
5) a money tree!
6) Wonder Woman
 - a symbol of an abundance of strength and personal power 

7) Amy Cuddy in the 'victory pose' - a powerful position or 'power pose'  demonstrated to attract  good energy and personal power. Amy Cuddy has given a popular Ted Talk about this subject.
8) a bank account balance receipt !

The 'arm' position of the flower is in a 'Power Pose' -  as talked about by Amy Cuddy in her popular Ted Talk. The 'hands' on hips or 'Wonder Woman' pose.

A White Butterfly can symbolize an abundance of good luck is near while the touch of orange brings hope and guidance as well.

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