I believe that most of us can enjoy and find value in a meaningful 'reminder' that helps give us strength, to remember, to think and to grow.

With that in mind, I am enjoying creating what I am calling "Inspirational Reminders".  These images are available as archival prints on paper, greeting cards and the original paintings when still available.  

* What I am thinking while creating these images may certainly differ from the meaning that you will get and feel from these works. Below I will share what I was thinking as I created this piece.  Enjoy!

The written messages in "TODAY!":

- "make it count!"
- "little things done TODAY product my TOMORROW!
   "little things NOT done TODAY Produce my TOMORROW!
I believe that we all have the same amount of hours each day and that it is how we spend our todays that produce our tomorrows.  

I believe that it  is wise if one has desires to be and do more than they currently are,  to be reminded of the value of time and how it is used.

In addition to the written MESSAGES  I have collaged symbolic and / or meaningful images behind the scenes. 

1) a scale - symbolizing the weighing (or not!) of decisions we make as to how we spend our time each day

2)  an hour glass - the reminder of the time going by  and that it does not come back
3)  a clock with large numbers representing the hours in the day

 Not hidden is a Bluebird - the Bluebird of Happiness that is right there close to land - as you make each day count

 Across the 'arms' of the flower that are outspread in a power position almost of like that of the upheld arms of victory is the phrase:

 "Being my BEST - TODAY"
I believe that each day a person makes conscious choices to do their very best  - that those choices will be powerful, cumulative and that one can do no more.

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