I believe that most of us can enjoy and find value in a meaningful 'reminder' that helps give us strength, to remember, to think and to grow.

With that in mind, I am enjoying creating what I am calling "Inspirational Reminders".  These images are available as archival prints on paper, greeting cards and the original paintings when still available.  

* What I am thinking while creating these images may certainly differ from the meaning that you will get and feel from these works. Below I will share what I was thinking as I created this piece.  Enjoy!

The written messages in "FAITH":

"Believe in what you cannot see... until you see it"

"getting a clear picture"

I believe in the power and value of getting a clear picture in your mind, a clear vision of what you want.
I believe it is that clear vision that can be grown powerful enough to guide your daily actions and decisions.

I believe that the power of thought is limitless which gives us limitless possibilities if we can get a handle on those thoughts!  The more we can 'remember to remember' the more we can use that power. 

In addition to the written MESSAGES  I have collaged symbolic and / or meaningful images behind the scenes.

I have circled and numbered the 'hidden' images in "FAITH" here to give you a 'cheat sheet'!! ;0)

1)  4 leaf clovers - may the future bring all good and lucky things
2)  cherry blossoms - symbolize the beauty of life
3)  butterflies - represent endurance along with change, hope and life
4)  eggs in a nest beginning to hatch - represent new adventure, promise, possibility and creation
5)  two smiley faces drawn on a pointer and middle finger - symbolized to me, a happy, blessed relationships                

Not hidden is a Bluebird - The Bluebird of Happiness of course!

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